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FuturedGretchen Dobson LLC is excited to announce a partnership with FuturEd, an education sector consulting and service provider based in India.  Founded in 2012, FuturEd aims to empower the education ecosystem by helping institutions harness the power of platforms, such as LinkedIn, and capitalize on the power of their alumni networks.

FuturEd’s domains include:

  • Network Management
  • Career Advancement
  • Industry-Institution connect
  • Giving & Philanthropy services
  • Physical & Virtual communication
  • forum management

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IGi-graduate, runs the International Student Barometer (ISB)the world’s largest international student experience survey. Over the past decade, over 800 universities and colleges around the world have used the ISB to gain external perspective on their international student experience, see peer comparisons and highlight priorities for reform and innovation. US partner schools include University of Minnesota, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Northwestern University.

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Patouillet Consulting LLC

UnknownGretchen Dobson LLC is pleased to work closely with Patouillet Consulting LLC, based in the United States.

The firm works with public and private colleges and universities of all sizes as well as with community-based nonprofits. Patouillet Consulting LLC enjoys the involvement and support of a national advisory board comprised of industry leaders who provide invaluable assistance on the topics of the day. This “Think Tank” of national leaders is one of the distinguishing characteristics of the firm.

Core services include:

  • Revenue Generation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Advancement/Alumni Association Program Reviews
  • The Integration of Alumni and Development in Fundraising and Capital Campaigns
  • Constituent Engagement Strategies, Tracking & Metrics
  • International Alumni Relations
  • Executive and Career Coaching
  • Board and Organizational Development

To read more about Gretchen’s work with Patouillet Consulting, LLC, visit the Testimonials page

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SJRENNIE Consulting Ltd

SJ RENNIE Consulting Ltd is headquartered in the U.K. Stuart Rennie and colleagues design bespoke student recruitment strategies for clients across Europe seeking to improve their international position in Europe, the Middle East, West Africa, South Asia and South East Asia.

About Stuart Rennie

Highly experienced International Director with over thirteen years’ experience and a proven track record of delivering success in the public and private sectors of Higher Education.  I have built ambitious and target orientated, international and operational teams that have delivered year on year growth in areas such as Europe, West Africa, Middle East, South Asia and South East Asia.  I now run my own independent consultancy company (SJRENNIE Consulting Ltd) working with institutions across Europe to help them improve their international position from a strategic and recruitment perspective.

For more about Stuart and his firm, see: or find them on Facebook.