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July 16-17, 2015 – “Reconnecting with Alumni: Local or Global, Real or Virtual, and Other Considerations”

July 16-17, 2015
Educate-Plus Queensland Chapter Conference
Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

I am excited to participate in my first Educate Plus event. It will be great to connect with Queensland’s admissions and advancement officers from secondary schools and higher ed. Space is limited. Register today!
Reconnecting with Alumni: local or global, real or virtual, and other considerations.

Alumni relations is about people and building relationships with our most valued asset over the course of their life is at the root of our engagement efforts. What kind of score would we give ourselves today on our constituent relations program? Are we focusing our efforts and resources on alumni that will participate in value-add activities and initiatives? This session will review traditional demographic classifications of alumni across the lifecycle as well as introduce some new ways of segmenting our graduate populations. Interactive discussions and a small group activity ensure participants learn from each other and take away tips to boost their own engagement score